and Real Estate

I am specialized in construction and real estate
law, particularly in issues related to construction
contracts. My clients are companies
and public entities that value expert
services rendered efficiently,
professionally, and personally.



I render consultation on legal matters in all phases of construction projects.


I represent builders, architects, and other designers, and employers in disputes related to real estates and construction in public courts as well as in arbitral courts.


I am available to undertake arbitration assignments that pertain to disputes within the construction and real estate industries.

My clients have projects of various sizes that involve residential building, industrial and commercial construction, infrastructure construction, HVAC contracting, electrical contracting, other specialized contracting, area contracting, power plant construction, and contracting related to mining operations.

Professional Expertise

I ensure my expertise through continuous education, focusing on research concerning legal issues in construction, and participating in organizational activities.

Attorney at Law
Juha Ryynänen Ltd.

I serve my clients throughout Finland.

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