I am specialized in construction and real estate law, particularly in issues related to construction contracts. My clients are companies and public entities that value expert services rendered efficiently, professionally, and personally.

"I serve my clients throughout Finland in construction and real estate legal matters. I offer consulting and handle litigations and arbitration assignments. Upon special agreement, I also manage assignments related to other industries."

Juha Ryynänen

Doctor of Laws, Licentiate in Economic Sciences


I provide legal consultation to construction companies of all sizes, as well as to designers and employers, on all legal matters arising at various stages of construction projects.

My clients turn to me with questions related to the following matters:

▸ Request for tender, tendering
▸ Drafting of contract
▸ Claims and responding to claims during the contract period
▸ Extension of time
▸ Contractor's delay
▸ Employer´s delay
▸ Variations
▸ Defects
▸ Force Majeure
▸ Termination of contract

▸ Taking-over
▸ Financial accounts
▸ Guarantee period liability
▸ Post-guarantee period liability
▸ Public procurements
▸ Special issues in alliance projects and integrated project deliveries
▸ Drafting legal expert opinions for parties in disputes
▸ Legal issues in real estate development projects, such as

▹ Planning,
▹ Acquiring the real estate, and
▹ Choosing the form of project implementation as well as
▹ Planning the contract structure

My clients have projects of various sizes involving:

▸ Residential construction
▸ Industrial and commercial construction
▸ Infrastructure construction
▸ HVAC contracting
▸ Electrical contracting
▸ Wind and Solar Energy
▸ Mining activities


I represent builders, architects, and other designers, and employers in disputes related to real estates and construction in public courts as well as in arbitral courts. I serve my clients throughout Finland.

My usual litigation assignments include:

▸ Contract disputes
▸ Design contract disputes and other consultant contract disputes
▸ Commercial lease disputes
▸ Real estate transaction disputes

I have extensive experience in mediating disputes. Additionally, I serve as a mediator in accordance with the Finnish Bar Association's mediation rules and the Central Chamber of Commerce's mediation rules, as well as ac hoc mediations when necessary.


I have extensive experience as an arbitrator. I take arbitration assignments throughout Finland in cases related to the construction and real estate industries. As a sole practitioner, I can quickly and comprehensively determine my impartiality for the offered arbitration assignment.

My long experience in the legal profession, along with my legal and commercial education, enables me to understand complex legal and financial issues. I have experience with arbitration proceedings based on the Finnish Arbitration Act, Companies Act and the FAI arbitration rules.

I am happy to provide more detailed information about my references, if needed.

Attorney at Law
Juha Ryynänen Ltd.

I serve my clients throughout Finland.

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